F&C Lunch and Supper served daily 11:30am to close

F&C CHARCUTERIE BOARD | $15 House-Cured Meats, Bread And Butter Pickles, Bourbon Mustard, Toast Points. (serves 2), add cheese $5

FRIED PLANTAINS | $7 sweet plantains, lychee honey, crispy onions, cilantro

HANDCUT FRIES | $6 with garlic aioli

LITTLE ITALY | $10 fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, basil, balsamic drizzle

CITRUS GRILLED SHRIMP SKEWER | $11 4 shrimp with summer citrus sauce on bib lettuce, served with mango relish

GAZPACHO, CUP OR BOWL | $6/$9 tomato base cold summer soup, local’s rave about it!

FRIED BRUSSEL SPROUTS | $8 pickled veggies, soy chili glaze yum yum sauce, Alabama BBQ sauce MEATBALLS | $9 2 large house turkey/chicken meatballs in herbed broth HOISEN RIBS | $12 pork ribs slow smoked with Szechuan pepper, Hoisin sauce, pickled house veggies and fresno GRILLED CORNBREAD | $4 with honey butter HOUSE GARDEN SALAD | $6/$10 greens, grape tomatoes, english cukes, carrots, red onion, Italian dressing CLAM CHOWDER, CUP OR BOWL | $6/$9 house recipe, creamy with hint of bacon
Add: Roasted Salmon $9, Crispy Chicken or Roast Chicken $5

VILLAGE GREEK SALAD | $16 Greens, grape tomatoes, feta, olives, red onion, english cukes, greek dressing (add falafel $4)

COBB SALAD | $16 Romaine, chicken, grape tomatoes, egg, bacon, avocado, blue cheese, parm-peppercorn dressing

AVOCADO TOAST | $7/$12 Avocado, asparagus, tomato escabeche, hemp seed, sourdough toast

VEGETARIAN FORAGE PLATE | $15 Pick any 3 meatless prepared salads

POKE AVOCADO TOAST | $9/$15 Avocado, yellowfin tuna, edamame, cucumber, scallion, sesame seeds, sourdough

SUMMER SALAD | $16 Chicken caprese salad with fresh  greens, roast Chicken, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, asparagus, avocado, fresh basil, balsamic vinaigrette


FISH TACOS | $18 Cajun dusted fried cod, mango relish, pickled Veggies, Alabama BBQ sauce

BRIDGE STREET RIBS | $18 pork ribs slow smoked with szechuan pepper, hoisen Sauce, broccolini, cornbread, pickled house veggies, fresno

fISH & CHIPS | $22 New England battered cod, handcut fries, coleslaw, tartar sauce

YELLOWFIN TUNA POKE BOWL | $16 Tuna, jasmine rice, avocado, scallions, sweet potato, soy chili glaze, nori aioli, quinoa  F&C FRIED CHICKEN PLATE | $15 3-Piece Chicken with Brussel Slaw, Cornbread, Bread & Butter Pickles, Hot Honey F&C FRIED CHICKEN BUCKET | $28 8 piece battered chicken, coleslaw, cornbread, bread & butter pickles, hot honey….Chicken only $22  

Burgers & Dogs
Beef Burger $12 Plant-Based Burger (Meatless) $15 Our Burgers Served with lettuce, tomato, Red onions, on grilled sesame Bun House made all Beef Dog $6 served on a grilled brioche roll Served with Chips or Brussel slaw

FARMER’S BURGER | $14 1000 island dressing, tomato, bread & butter pickles, american cheese, shredded lettuce

cATTLEMAN’S BURGER | $15 bacon, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, tomato, mustard sauce

LUAU BURGER | $16 Grilled pineapple, pickled jalapeno, cheddar cheese, bacon jam, bbq sauce

BLACK & BLUE BURGER | $17 Marinated grilled portabello, blue cheese, crispy onions, garlic aioli

FAVORITE FRANK | $8 Housemade beef dog with bacon jam, grilled onions, pickled jalapenos, grilled brioche roll

KRAUT DOG | $8 Housemade beef dog with sauerkraut, pickles, and Mustard sauce, grilled brioche roll

BYOB! Toppings: bread & butter pickles, 1000 island dressing, pickled onions, mustard sauce, caramelized onions $1

Cheese: American, Swiss, cheddar, provolone, blue cheese crumbles $1

Protein: bacon, fried egg, bacon jam $2

Consuming Raw Or Undercooked Meats, Poultry, Seafood, Shellfish Or Eggs May Increase Your Risk Of A Food-Borne Illness  


All Sandwiches Served With A Pickle, And Your Choice Of Brussel Slaw or Cape Cod Chips
CUBAN | $15 slow smoked adobo pork, sliced applewood ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, bread & butter pickles, toasted crusty French bread LAMB GYRO | $15 lamb and pork gyro, tzatziki, cukes, red onion, on flatbread PHILLY CHEESESTEAK | $15 shaved steak, American cheese, grilled onions, grilled crusty French bread FISH FILET | $15 New England battered cod, lettuce, American cheese, tartar sauce, grilled sesame seed bun KETCH (COLD) | $12 ham, Swiss, bread and butter pickles, lettuce, mayo, honey mustard, sourdough CUTTER (COLD) | $12 falafel, feta, olive, tomato, cucumber, red onion, lettuce, greek dressing, whole wheat wrap SLOOP (COLD) | $12 turkey, avocado, dill havarti, lettuce, mayo, sourdough  

REUBEN | $14 pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, 1000 island dressing, grilled rye

B.L.A.T. | $13 bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, mayo, sourdough toast

CAPRESE | $15 fresh mozzarella, tomato, spinach, pesto, balsamic glaze, toasted folded flatbread, add bacon $2, roast chicken $5

ITALIAN SUB | $15 Italian meats, provolone, hot peppers, red onion, shaved lettuce, oil and vinegar, mayo, crusty french bread

YAWL (COLD) | $12 roast beef, cheddar, crispy fried onion, lettuce, horseradish mayo, sourdough

PORTSIDE (COLD) | $12 tarragon chicken salad, lettuce, whole wheat wrap

PONTOON (COLD) | $12 tuna salad, lettuce, tomato, red onion, multigrain bread


F&C Pizza

House made dough and sauce, hand formed to 14″ oven Cred for a crusty charred thin crust. We also offer gf/vegan cauliflower crust and vegan cheese.

BUFFALO CHICKEN | $17 roast chicken, garlic oil, buffalo sauce, blue cheese crumbles, scallions, red onion, house blend cheese

DECARMIE | $16 roasted tomato sauce, caramelized onions, fresh mozzarella, grated parmesan

SUMMER BOUNTY | $17 medley of marinated heirloom tomatoes, pesto, zucchini, roasted artichokes, garlic, fet

MEAT LOVERS | $18 linguica, pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, housemade sauce and cheese blend

V.I.P. VEGGIE | $17 garlic oil, mushrooms, spinach, ricotta, parmesan

LOCAL FAVE | $18 F&C Italian sausage, mushrooms and peppers, housemade tomato sauce, house blend cheese

BBQ CHICKEN | $17 roast chicken, pineapple, red onions, scallions, bbq sauce, house blend cheese

DIAVOLO | $19 roasted peppers, sausage, diavolo sauce, house cheese blend

MARGHERITA | $16 fresh mozzarella, basil, housemade tomato sauce

MEATBALL RICOTTA | $18 Chicken/turkey meatballs, fresh basil, housemade tomato sauce, ricotta

Build Your Own Pizza

Pick your favorite crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings.

Original Crust $12 | GF/Vegan cauliflower crust $16

Sauce $1 | tomato, buffalo, diavolo, bbq, garlic oil, pesto, roasted tomato

Cheese $1 | house blend, blue cheese, ricotta, feta, shredded Parmesan,

Specialty Cheese $2 | fresh mozzarella, vegan cheese

Toppings $1 | red onions, mushrooms, green peppers, zucchini ribbons, artichokes, scallions, spinach, black olives, fresh basil, fresh garlic, marinated heirloom tomatoes, roasted peppers, banana peppers, pineapples, caramelized onion

Meat $2 | chicken breast, linquica, Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon, meatballs, Serrano ham $4


Little Moo Menu

Kids Pasta (marinara, butter or parmesan cheese) … $5

English Muffin Pizza (traditional cheese and sauce) … $6

F&C Hot Dog (plain) … $6

Chicken Tenders (with bbq or mustard sauce) … $8

Grilled Cheese (American cheese on grilled potato bread) … $5

Before placing your order, please make your server aware of any known food allergies in your party. F&C kitchen is not an allergen-free environment.