Manager, Meat Department

Our Philosophy

Nose-to-tail and local are our watchwords here at Farm & Coast when it comes to butchering and charcuterie. We work with nearby farmers whenever possible to procure the very best for you – and it’s so fresh that the farmers often make their own deliveries. And the same goes for our desire to get you exactly what you want from their farm to your table: if you don’t see what you want in our case, just ask!


We will butcher and prepare anything you like, from juicy ribs for your next BBQ to that sausage you just can’t seem to find anywhere. Our meat department is one of our signature features, offering a full-service butcher shop like no other on the South Coast. The meat is pasture-raised and sustainable, and we are happy to do custom cuts to order. In addition, we offer freshly-roasted whole chickens all day long. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for cooking instructions, recipes, meat preparation, or just ideas for your next celebration.