Wine Director, Certified Sommelier and Educator

“My philosophy for Farm & Coast Market has been to cultivate a collection of diverse wines, organic and biodynamic, along with global wines from lesser known producers in renowned wine regions such as France, Italy, Spain, South Africa and South America. An accessible yet creative selection, wines that aren’t readily available elsewhere, and most important come from a place, not a brand.”

Farm & Coast Market along with Wine Buyer and Certified Sommelier, Gary Sullivan have carefully cultivated a selection of wines representing many of the world’s historic regions. Our partiality is for smaller estates that practice sustainable and organic farming methods. Similarly, our beers represent a search for brews that are well crafted and good examples of either their style or what we think excellent beer should be, from either down the street or on the other side of the world.
Assistance: To make the buying experience approachable and to remove the intimidation factor, a “shelf –talker” is positioned just above or below the wine cubby. Each is written by Gary, not the distributor, and provides basic information – including; producer, growing region, grape varietal, plus a few words that best describe the flavor profiles, and most important – suggested food pairings.
Pricing: Most of our wines are priced between $10 and $30, as well as a selection of special occasion and rare collectibles. A 10% discount applies when you buy 12 or more 750ml bottles, and is applicable to mixed cases as well.
Wine of the Month Club: A selection of seasonally appropriate wines, well balanced and value-driven vino – built for sheer, easygoing pleasure that you can open and enjoy any day of the week, guilt free. 4 bottles valued at $70 or more, offered to our members at $75. Our club meets on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of each month* and limited to members with a reservation. An easy, affordable and fun way to experience new wines!
Cellars: Through personalized one-on-one consultations and wine tastings, let Gary use his knowledge of the wine industry to fill your cellars with everything from approachable every day wine, to wedding day choices, to cases that can age and appreciate in value for decades to come. *Wine Club does not meet in July or August.
for more information on any of these services contact us at (774) 992-7093 or info@dev.farmandcoastmarket.com